Monday, February 13, 2012

Technology Self-Assessment: School 2.0

The NETS-T standard I feel that I need to improve upon the most is number 3: Model Digital-Age Work and Learning. From the assessment, I learned that I am not always quick to pick up the latest things, and I am extremely reluctant to take part in digital media resources. Up until this class, I would have never signed up for resources like Twitter, and I would rarely frequent Facebook. These things could be used to help me in my classroom, and to help my students even more. It would be a safe assumption that my students will be really quick to pick up on the new and hot things, so I should be open to do the same. One thing I am going to have to keep up with is a classroom blog. It seems that this is a very important and useful resource that is worth the little bit of time required to keep it up to date.

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