About Me

A Little Bit About Woodie      

My name is Woodrow Guida, but I have been known as Woodie since I was a kid. I went to elementary school at Fruitvale Elementary in Hemet. I went to middle school at Santa Fe Middle School in Hemet. And I went to High School at West Valley in Hemet. I have lived in Hemet, California since I was 4 years old, and my family and I moved here from Arizona where I was born. I am a big sports fan, and I enjoy watching Baseball, Football, Hockey, and I am looking forward to the World Cup. I started my college experience attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo as an Electrical Engineer, but I learned it wasn't something for me. It was through experiences there that I learned I wanted to become a teacher, and I chose CSUSM as the place I would achieve this goal.

I am fairly capable at all things technology, and I am a pretty quick learner. So on the technology continuum I would have to say I am near the more advanced end, most likely a 8-9 on a 10 point scale. Don't ask me to do anything too artistic though, I am about a 1-2 on this. I tend to shy away from having too many things technology-wise, and I only ever use things when I need to. But overall I enjoy this "whole computer thing."

The CSUSM mission statement really appeals to the teacher who thinks there is still room for improvement in the teaching profession. I like to think of myself as one of these people as well. My old teachers seem so stale when I look back at them. I remember hearing from them "if I spend more time on this with you then it isn't fair to the rest of the class." How can you treat your kids with equity when you think like this? I feel there is as much room to grow as educators as there is for students. I also agree very strongly about being committed to social justice. We should be role models for our kids, as well as be there to protect our kids. And lastly, I feel very strongly on the need for collaboration, because things are much easier and more enjoyable when we have other people there to help us or improve our lesson plans.


  1. I agree with you on your statement "if I spend more time on this with you then it isn't fair to the rest of the class." If a kid is struggling, I don't understand how you could say this them. We've all had those teachers.

  2. I agree with you views on teachers. I remember a second grade math teach who made me feel like I was the only person who didn't understand what she was teaching and that it was my problem. That affects my opinion of math to this day and I would never want to do that to any of my future students.

  3. Excellent introduction, Woodie! It is great to hear that you have decided to pursue teaching. College is intended to help students learn who they are and what they like. And by simply reading your introduction, I believe that you have learned who you truly are. Like you, I am not much of an artist. I wish I would improve my drawing skills. I also believe that in order to be a good educator, one must constantly grow and be willing to change. Additionally, collaboration among teachers and students is vital to improve education in general.

  4. Every interesting name! I like it! It is great that you want to be a teacher. We need more male teacher so that women don't take over..... That might be a good thing hmmmmm jk. Its nice meeting you and hope to work with you soon.